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Trigger Points

The Benefits of Pressure Point Massage;
Massage can bring about physical, mental and emotional changes... More Info>>>

The Benefits of Pressure Point Therapy;
Pressure Point Therapy and acupressure are ways of accessing and releasing blocked or congested energy.... More Info>>>

What is a Trigger Point;
A trigger point is a tight and tender spot in a muscle that refers or communicates pain to other areas of the body.... More Info>>>

New Deluxe 1/2” Pressure Point
The New Deluxe 1/2” Pressure Point is designed for the individual who feels the need for deluxe treatment. The Deluxe Pressure Point is larger, longer and has a larger handle which makes it more confortable and easy to use for larger persons. The width of the inner span is wider than the original to help fit the needs of our deluxe customers.

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The Original 3/8" Pressure Point
The Original 3/8" Pressure Point. The simplicity of the design makes it light weight, easy to use and very durable even under the most extreme conditions. The Pressure Point is made of heavy gauge metal tubing resulting in a strong and ridid frame.

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Dr. Robert J Brodeur

“ ... I do not hesitate to recommend the Pressure Point to anyone surrering from acute or chronic neck pain, back pain or myofascial pain syndromes.”

Carla Krause-Clark
Nation & Internation Figure Skating Medalist;

“ ... Pressure Point makes it easy to strech and work out the sore spots at the end of the day.”

Ryker Stoehr

“ ... After just minutes of applying pressure to my aching shoulders and back I feel refreshed, loosened up and ready to tackle the next project. Thanks Pressure Point!”

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